Reasons To Feature A Carousel On Your Website Homepage

When you meet with a website creation professional to discuss building a website for your company, they may recommend a carousel feature on the homepage. This design is one in which a series of images cycle horizontally at set intervals. Many different websites use carousels, and while you can decide how much content you want your carousel to include, you'll appreciate the many benefits that it can provide. Here are some reasons to strongly consider featuring a carousel on your website homepage.

Sharing Lots Of Content

You likely have a lot of information that you want to present to your website visitors, and a good way to do so is through a carousel. Without a carousel, you'd likely place the information on different parts of your homepage. The trouble with this idea is that some people might not scroll down far enough to read the content that you've provided. With a carousel, no vertical scrolling is required. Instead, the user can simply load the website and watch the carousel's content change every few seconds — thus allowing you to share a lot of content in just one space.

Catching Attention With Movement

Another big advantage of using a carousel feature on your homepage is that the movement can attract visitors' attention. Whether someone is looking at a different part of your homepage — or perhaps has even glanced away from the computer screen for a moment — the animated effect of the carousel can definitely catch the person's attention. They may then get refocused on your website, especially if the new slide in the carousel has some content that is of particular interest. The movement of the carousel may even catch the eye of someone sitting near the user, causing them to look more closely at your website.

Keeping Users On The Site Longer

While your goal is to retain your website visitors for as long as possible, you have to accept that some people will visit your website and quickly click off it for various reasons. When you use a carousel, there's a good chance that this feature will help to keep people on the site longer. For example, someone may notice the slides changing and, although they are ready to leave, decide to stay on to see what the next slide looks like. It's possible that the next slide's content will appeal to this visitor, who will then remain on the site instead of departing.

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