Marketing Your Gift Shop Online: 3 Tips

These days, so many people want to just buy things online that attracting people to actually come out and shop at your physical store can be a challenge. Gift shops, in particular, deal with this challenge since people can easily browse an even larger selection of gifts just by clicking a few buttons! But there is hope for gift shop owners, and it really lies on using online marketing to your advantage. Here are three tips to help you do that.

1. Emphasize the shopping experience.

Yes, your customers could probably find most things in your store online if they were to look. They know that, and you know that. So don't focus on marketing the things inside your store. Focus on marketing the shopping experience, which is something they really can't replicate online. Show pictures of your lovely displays, post reviews from customers that say how much fun they had visiting, and wax nostalgic about how much fun shopping was in the old days before the internet.

2. Advertise deals and discounts available in the store.

People will usually go into a store to shop if they're able to get a better deal than online. While you don't want to give everything away and reduce your profits too much, you should offer some discounts or deals in the store to draw customers in. Once there, many will purchase more full-price items. Discount items that many people need, such as cards or candy. Advertise these deals heavily online so that people see them when they are looking around for online deals and realize they can get a better deal in-person.

3. Market any handmade, unique items heavily.

One thing people can't buy online as easily is handmade items. They are used to going into shops to buy things like hand-woven scarves, handmade soaps, and the like. So really focus your online marketing on these items. Emphasize that each piece is different and that customers should come into the store to look at them all and choose the best one. Over time, your reputation for carrying such handmade items will grow, and customers will become more familiar with the other gifts you have in your store, too — which should hopefully prompt them to stop by rather than shopping online.

Running a gift shop is not easy in the era of online shopping, but if you rely on the online marketing strategies above, you'll attract customers. For more advice and assistance, work with an online marketing company like RTOWN.