Designing You Own Website: DIY Or Hire A Service

There are a variety of website services that make it quite easy to design and manage your own site. While the services work great for some businesses, they are not for every compay. For some business owners, it just isn't practical to design and manage their own website. This is why they hire a professional, third-party service. This article explains the key differences between DIY web design and hiring professional services.

DIY Services

Most large companies will have several employees who are 100% focused on maintaining, design, and updating the website. However, small companies will try to do the work their own using DIY website design services. There are a number of online services that are very cheap and easy to use when he comes to website design for small businesses. These are particularly useful for business owners who have an in-house graphic design team, a tech savvy workforce, and/or the time to focus on website design.

Even though the services are free and very convenient, they do require time. That is, to keep your website current, active, relevant, and up-to-date, you need to invest a fair amount of time. If this is work that you're doing yourself, or if you're just trying to delegate it to one of your employees, it is bound to take up more time than you expect.

You also need to consider the aesthetic and user experience (UX) of your site. If you are designing a site without a professional web design outlook, your brand might suffer if you have a website that is ugly and hard to navigate. In conclusion, despite their convenience and affordability, DIY website design is not for everybody.

Hiring a Third-Party Service

Right off the bat, hiring a third-party web design service is going to be more expensive than doing the work yourself. However, you might consider the possible losses that could occur if members of other teams are not focusing their energies where they should. You don't want them wasting their time on web design, trying to figure out how the system works.

The great thing about hiring a third-party service like REFRESH MARKETING is that you still have your say, and you can be as hands-on as you want. You will be able to determine the final style, layout, and content of your website. You just won't have to worry about all the details that can be so time-consuming and annoying, especially if you don't have anybody within your company is adept at website design.

Both approaches can work for your small business, just consider your budget and design ability.